Easy, Effective Marketing To Increase Preschool Enrollment

Preschool is a vital time in a child's life, and parents want to be absolutely certain that they've chosen the best option available for their little one. Whether you own your own child care center or work at a preschool, having a high number of enrolled students is what keeps your business running and profitable. Here are a few marketing tips that can help you improve your enrollment numbers and encourage parents and children to attend your preschool.

Think Outside The Box

Today's busy parents are also more demanding when it comes to childcare services. If you offer more than the standard preschool fare, you will most likely have a better advantage. Offer things like extended hours of operation and even weekend hours for parents who work outside of the typical weekday 9-5 timeframe. You can also provide other things like special activities and classes that parents and children can attend together or bring in special guests for children such as animal experts or performers. Expand your snack menu to healthy, organic foods or gluten-free options. These small things can give your preschool the edge to make it more appealing.

Reach Out

Just existing isn't enough to garner new enrollees. Get involved in your local community by attending fundraisers, fairs, and other local events. Make sure people know that your preschool is participating in local activities and that your staff wants to be a visible part of the community. Host a few fundraisers of your own that can benefit local charities or hospitals. Being active in the community is a great form of advertisement and it makes parents feel good about choosing your preschool when they enroll their child. Posting signs in local small businesses are also helpful to spread the word where people visit others in the community.

Don't Forget The Web

Create an online presence so that people know about your preschool. Social media accounts are free of charge and they're a great way to reach out to parents of children who are already registered as well as potential new enrollees. Post lots of great photos of the children having fun and make sure you also take snapshots of your facility so people can see what the preschool looks like before they come to visit. Create a cheerful logo that represents the preschool and market it online with both social media and your own website. An online presence is vital in order to be competitive, and it's low-cost as well as widespread. All of these simple tips can help you see a larger enrollment number for your preschool.

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